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No one talks about what to do when you have hundreds of articles, thousands of photos and blog videos aplenty.

Bloggers waste hours trying to find stuff and file my content. l certainly did.

Until I got organised at last.

Life is too short to be trying to remember which posts have affiliate links in, what you wrote last year on that seasonal topic or where you stored the perfect video on Facebook that you need NOW to embed into a new post.

This course that will show you how to keep track of all your blog articles, photos, images, videos, affiliate assets, and more!

It includes all the templates you need to set up systems for your blog to help you keep track of your work. Stay organised, save time and lower your stress levels.

This is the course you never knew you needed! It will save you HOURS.

Keeping track of your content is important because you can more easily repurpose and reuse content if you know how to put your hands on it. Plus, it will make you feel like an organised blogging rockstar!

Before I took the How To Organise Your Blog Content course, I never felt totally organised. I was always searching for stuff and stressed that I couldn’t find it. Now that I have implemented the systems and used the templates from the course, I never have to worry about losing anything I have created. It’s all in one place and it’s saves me so much time!

The course also taught me to think about all of my content as assets, not just blog posts. So, now I have all of my emails, opt ins, videos, and guest posts logged and saved easily retrievable when I need them. I would recommend this course to everyone, whether you are just starting out or have years of content creation under your belt.

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This self-led course is for you if:

  • You plan on blogging for a long time (which you should be - it's a long-term game!)
  • You waste a lot of time trying to find that article you wrote about that thing ages ago
  • You want to set yourself up for success, with practical systems that work every time
  • You want to be more organised because that will make you more productive and lower your stress levels about blogging

This self-led course is NOT for you if:

  • You are already super-organised
  • You learn better with a face-to-face or tutor-led course (this course is self-led so you get online access and work at your own pace)
  • You only have text in your blog articles and no videos, images or affiliate content on your blog (you can probably manage without any systems at all)
  • You don't believe in repurposing content (why don't you???)
“I took your course and started implementing your system. I already can see how great it is going to work. I have been searching for a way to get organised from idea to publishing and this is it! Elizabeth creates a simple and easy to use system that will not only help me organise my work but will help me be more productive in the long run.

This exercise of getting everything organised is helping me find mistakes I have made, broken links and processes. How To Organise Your Blog Content isn't just giving you spreadsheets but now I have a system that will help me stay organised now and in the future.
I highly recommend this course!”
Cheryl Texeria at
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Even more reason to get yourself organised now. Trust me, it's no fun trying to sort out, update, log and reuse over 1000 posts. My content audit took me days. It doesn't have to be like that for you!

Blogging is a long-term game. Start as you mean to go on and get more mileage from your blog content. Don't let anything go to waste!

Elizabeth Harrin shares her blog organisation tips and templates

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I've been blogging since 2006 and I have over 1000 posts on my blog.

After 10 years, I decided to do a round up of popular posts. I did a full content audit. I logged all my articles and realised:
  • I had great stuff my audience wasn't seeing that I wanted to update and republish
  • I had rubbish that needed to be deleted
  • I had loads of broken links
  • I had missed the opportunity to add affilate links and internal links to older posts.
And all this was because I didn't know what I had. What's most embarrassing is that in my non-blogging life, I am a project manager. I organise things for a living. Except my blog articles, images, videos, affiliate content, email content and more, which I had basically just ignored for years. Doh.

In this course, you'll learn how I put this situation right. I give you practical tips and take you behind the scenes with the templates I use today to stay on top of my blog content. You'll see how staying organised with simple spreadsheets is the fastest way to streamlining your content production, maximimsing seasonal themes, reusing what you've got for best effect and lowering stress levels!

Inside the course

Intro: Getting Started
Why getting organised is the best thing you can do for your blogging success.

Lesson One: Understanding Your Assets
You have more than you think! Here's how to sort out what digital assets you have.

Lesson Two: The Digital Filing System
How to create a digital filing system that works.

Lesson Three: Blog Content Log
Getting to grips with blog content - articles and images.

Lesson Four: Video Log
What to do with Facebook live videos, YouTube content and all those other videos you make.

Lesson Five: Partner Assets
How to organise your guest posts on other people's sites, advertiser assets and affiliate content to make the most of your relationships with partners.

Lesson Six: Email Assets
What do you do with all the emails you write to your list? We look at tips for keeping all that organised so your emails can be reused.

Lesson Seven: Keeping it Going
How to make all this work for you, forever.

Bonus: Tools for Organisation
Some of the best, tried-and-tested tools for ensuring that your systems work for you long-term.

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Get the course!

Introductory price: $27

  • 7 lessons in video format
  • 6 templates/worksheets
  • Bonus lesson on tools for blog organisation
  • Confidence that you are setting yourself up for success, however much content you produce!

Buy Now (Instant Access)

30-day money back guarantee. If the course doesn't meet your expectations, get in touch and I'll refund you, no questions asked.